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MCC - Electricity Invoice for the period 23 February to 23 April 2009

I received my electricity invoice today (28 May 2009) from the Community of Owners of Mazarron Country Club, seemingly issued by the Administrator on 15 May 2009. I have already checked my bank account this morning and observe that it has already been charged with this invoice amount.

When the electricity scheme was first announced we were advised that invoices would be sent to us at least a week before our bank account would be debited, so we could correct any errors before the bank account was charged. Because of the delay in the forwarding of an invoice dated 13 days ago(!) this has not been possible.

Below is the invoice I received this morning

An email I have sent in reply to the email including my invoice which I received earlier today, sent to both the Community of Owners of Mazarron Country Club and the Administrator

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